• Counselling individuals
• Couples counselling
• Relationship counselling
• Loss & Grief


• Individual coaching
• Executive coaching
• Team coaching


• Quit Smoking
• Overcome your fears
• Gain Self-confidence
• Stop Procrastinating


• Parenting Coaching
• Family Coaching

Welcome to Insight Psychology Hampton

  • Counselling and Coaching

Change, grow and develop – live life to your full potential

  • Create a meaningful life
  • Increase your confidence and well-being
  • Overcome fears and limiting beliefs
  • Survive and grow though grief and loss
  • Overcome emotional pain caused by anxiety and depression
  • Reduce stress
  • Develop psychological flexibility and resilience
  • Stop sabotaging your own progress
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Be empowered to find a constructive path through difficulties
  • Clarify values and purpose for inspiration, guidance, direction and motivation
  • Achieve greater satisfaction, contentment and meaning in your personal and professional life

Counselling and Coaching  – Create Lasting Change

At Insight Psychology Bayside, we integrate a range of therapies and techniques to gain clarity and insight and to develop inner strengths, resolve issues and facilitate healing and growth

Develop greater insight and awareness and learn skills such as mindfulness and relaxation that will help you deal better with your life and its inevitable challenges.  New tools and perspectives will enable you to move forward with a positive mindset for growth.

Insight Psychology Hampton

Consultations held at:

•  Highett
•  Carlton

P: 0400 196 435
E: [email protected]

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