HYPNOTHERAPY – Using  the powerful resources of your mind to create desirable change through attention, intention and imagination.

Throughout the process, the person is consciously aware of the experience as their conscious mind observes the process. They can choose to allow themselves to enter a hypnotic state or not.  The person can choose to come out of hypnosis at any time.

Hypnosis can work on both the conscious and unconscious levels  of our minds.

The conscious mind does the analytic and critical thinking required to decide what it is possible to do and what is not possible to do. However our decisions are often influenced by past experiences and beliefs, which may be right or wrong, and personality dynamics which are often deeply entrenched and largely unconscious.

Hypnotherapy  is used as a vehicle to create possibilities, allowing the individual to come up with the most effective responses for them and helping them become more empowered.    It provides a way to access the powerful resources within the mind and can heighten a conscious willingness to challenge oneself while minimizing unconscious interference that is unnecessarily self limiting.

The goal of treatment is to expand wellness and build inner strengths,  while also reducing distressing psychological problems.

Hypnotherapy can be successful in dealing with a wide range of issues including:
  • Increasing self confidence and resilience
  • Overcoming fears – for example, fear of driving, fear of flying 
  • Stopping smoking
  • Overcoming comfort eating
  • Overcoming performance anxiety
Ref  Yapko, M, Trancework, 4th Ed 2012, Routledge

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