Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Helping couples:

  • Better understand themselves, their partner, and their situation to help them improve the way they relate
  • Build a greater connection, improve communication and find a positive way forward
  • Find the path that will enable each person to have the freedom to be their true self and develop to their optimal potential
  • Achieve an outcome where each person is treated with respect and care and has developed strategies to confidently move forward irrespective of whether they ultimately decide to stay and grow together or to forge separate paths

Relationship counselling is about:

  • Empowering each person
  • Each taking responsibility to find solutions and create opportunities to move to a more positive future where both can both thrive
  • Focusing on what makes life meaningful for each person, so that the relationship can evolve from one of co-dependency to mutual understanding and growth
  • Building a healthy relationship where there is enhanced communication, friendship, intimacy and trust
  • Opening up the opportunity to be more loving and compassionate  – and this will spread to other areas of life

The  ability to develop healthy relationships is essential to our well being!


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Consultations held at:

•  Highett
•  Carlton

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