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For many of us parenting is the most important role we have in our lives.  After all, we are helping to bring new human beings to the world.   It is also a creative process and while it can be challenging is also extremely fulfilling.  Whilst in many ways parenting is an art, there are also many skills required.  Parenting coaching is designed to help parents deal with difficulties that arise at different stages and to better understand the situation from their child’s perspective.

Counselling is about personal growth and understanding – empowering clients by helping them develop insight, resilience and inner resources

Aims of Parent Coaching:

  • To empower parents to take sound, constructive action to create a family environment where each member can flourish
  • To help parents gain insights into their own style of parenting and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • To parents gain skills to deal with the needs of each child
  • To create a space where parents can consider the particular stage and individual needs of each family member
  • To support the family group to create an environment where the best outcome for each family member can be achieved
Family Counselling:

Family counselling can be helpful in many situations including when the relationships and communication within the family need improvement

  • one or more family members are experiencing emotional or psychological problems and when the family dynamic may be not be helping and family members want to find ways to help the situation
  • one or more family members are experiencing life transition and adjustment issues
  • adjustment to step-family changes
  • boundaries and roles are unclear, expectations are different for individuals
  • families are having difficulty making shared decisions and agreeing the best way forward

Family counselling is based on the understanding that emotional and psychological problems come out of a context.  By sharing their feelings and thoughts openly in a safe environment family members can find better ways of approaching challenges and developing sound strategies to move forward constructively.

Coaching or counselling can be extremely useful for a range of concerns across different lifestyle periods, life-stage events and differing circumstances.

Consultations give each person the opportunity to voice their perspective on what is happening or what is on their mind.  This means each person present can often get a better understanding of what is going on for the other family members and also have the opportunity to clarify their own feelings and thoughts and express them.



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