Finding the right counselling services in Melbourne’s Bayside

Counselling and psychotherapy services help people diagnose and resolve long-standing and deep-seated sources of conflict, dissatisfaction and unhappiness. This can help them build inner strength, really understand themselves and their thoughts, as well as gain the necessary self-confidence to take appropriate action and make positive changes.

What’s a counsellor?

The terms “counselling” and “counsellor” may refer to any kind of professional therapy or counselling. A counsellor may help you:

Face different life changes and emotions during your time of pain and suffering. They’ll listen to you as well as help you learn about your experience and whatever emotions you’re feeling.

Look after yourself including your mind, body and spirit. Emotional issues are sometimes overlooked as you place so much attention on physical recovery.

Seek healthy ways to handle challenging situations. Going to a counsellor doesn’t mean you’re weak, or something’s wrong with you. It just means you’re ready to do anything to be healthy. Counsellors help people find ways to understand and manage their concerns.

Counselling services Melbourne Bayside

Types of counselling

There are various settings in which counselling may be provided:

Individual counselling: Involves private discussion, face-to-face with the counsellor. It can be ideal for those seeking support but aren’t comfortable talking in groups. It deals with the negative feelings and thoughts, as well as self-destructive or harmful behaviours that could accompany them.

Family counselling-The counsellor holds talks with the entire family. This can help improve interaction and resolve conflicts.

Couples counselling-Couples talk to a counsellor together. They learn how to settle their differences, resolve challenges in their relationship, and communicate better.

Group counselling-A bunch of people with similar issues, such as depression, substance abuse or anxiety, meets and talks with a trained counsellor.

Types of counsellors

Usually, counsellors are required to undergo expert training, pass a board exam and then become licensed. The following professionals are trained to offer counselling services:


Psychotherapists have a range of qualifications. They’re often in psychotherapy or counselling themselves and can handle personal change at a higher level.


They’re medical doctors with additional training in psychiatry. They diagnose and treat mental illnesses as well as substance abuse disorders. They can also prescribe drugs for problems like depression and anxiety.


They’re trained in counselling methods, research and human behaviour theories. They provide psychological assessments and tests in family, individual, couples and group counselling.

Social workers

They’re trained in counselling methods and human behaviour theories. They can provide counselling to individuals, couples, groups or families.

Family and marriage therapists

They’re trained in counselling methods for family and marriage issues. They provide counselling to couples and family.

How to find a counsellor

When searching for a counsellor in Bayside, Melbourne, it’s vital that you choose someone who’s competent but can also really help you. Having a good counsellor can really turn your life around. They can see you through the pain and suffering you’re going through and help you find happiness and contentment.

Ask your health care provider for recommendations

Many clinics and hospitals include counsellors or therapists in their medical staff. They have a close working relationship with other teams, sometimes at no extra cost.

Trust your instincts

This is perhaps the most important consideration of all. Do you feel safe and comfortable talking to the counsellor? Are they approachable, warm, understanding and are you in tune with each other?

Even if the therapist seems nice on the surface, if the connection between you two doesn’t feel great–if you feel like the person doesn’t care or you can’t trust them–choose someone else. A good counsellor will understand this and won’t make you feel guilty or put you under pressure.

Shop around

There are various counselling services available in Bayside, Melbourne. Not all will suit your needs and wants. The most critical point is to find someone who puts you at ease while you receive their service.

Check online

Go online and search for mental health organisations. Some of these organisations offer free referral services or even free, limited counselling services over the phone.

Experience matters

One of the chief reasons to consult a therapist instead of your friend is experience. When looking for a counsellor, find one that’s experienced in treating your kind of problems. Often, therapists focus on certain specialties, including eating disorders and depression.

Experienced therapists have handled cases such as yours time and time again, which widens their view, giving them more insight. Also, some services such as anger management counselling, trauma counselling or PSTD can only be provided by a specialist.

Learn about various treatment types

Many counsellors provide a combination of treatments. However, it’s advisable to understand the different types of treatment as that can affect your suggested treatment period and therapist’s schedule.

Check licensing

Credentials are important but aren’t everything. However, if your therapist says they’re licensed and professional, make sure they have a current license as well as a good reputation in the field. Regulatory boards vary by profession and by region. Also, check for any complaints against the counsellor.

Questions to ask your counsellor

Once you’ve shortlisted a few counsellors, conduct brief interviews on the phone before selecting one. Speak with the counsellor directly, not with an assistant or receptionist. Ask if they charge for the initial phone call. Usually, a brief initial call is free.

Here are some suggestions to help steer your conversation:

Briefly describe your situation, and give reasons why you’re seeking counselling.

Ask the counsellor what approach they intend to use to treat you. Seek clarification of any terms you don’t understand and ask for further information.
Ask about work hours, fees, insurance plans, and billing arrangements the counsellor accepts.
Many people feel a little anxious when talking with a new person, for example, a counsellor or therapist about personal issues. Often, the success of counselling depends on the connection you make with your counsellor and some counsellors might not be a perfect fit for you.

After a few sessions, you might not feel comfortable with a counsellor or you might not think their suggestions are helping you. In that case, then consider someone else. Just make sure that their service is the right fit for your needs.

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